About Us

 Richard Hurtley - Managing Director

Rich Insight was founded in 2014, to help retail brands accelerate their growth through the implementation of proven multi-channel strategies.

By assembling a team of specialists from across the retail landscape, Rich Insight is uniquely positioned to support leading and emerging brands with customer-driven channel expansion, particularly focusing on helping brand in the adoption of new sales channels.

Rich Insight is a specialist in the fastest growing channel in the world, online marketplaces. Predicting to be 40% of e-commerce sales by 2020, and with Amazon already getting more product searches than Google, we feel that brands really cannot afford to not have a strategy in place for marketplaces. There are now over 300 marketplaces, helping brands secure significant incremental revenues and support with multiple strategic goals, from international expansion to new customer acquisition.  

Rich Insight offers a platform agnostic, fully managed service for online marketplaces, helping brands succeed with scale. First, we help work with brands to set strategies to include territories, marketplace selection, pricing, range, stock depth and operational readiness. Then we work with them to deliver the agreed goals, as an extended part of the team, managing the channel and optimising the listings.

Rich Insight’s rare combination of experience and awareness of new innovations in retail, with events like Retail Recharged ensures that the approach we take for each retail brand is holistic, forward thinking, scalable and above all delivers results.