Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) makes pages look prettier. That’s about it in principle.

Amazon will tell you to expect a 15-30% increase in conversion for all listings… We won’t.

But they are very important aspect of getting more from Amazon. You will see sales increase.

You are presenting your product and your Brand with more professional zeal than others not leveraging this Amazon tool.

When should I adopt EBC?

If you own the brand of products you sell, Enhanced Brand Content should be part of the marketing strategy.

Are you running sponsored ads campaigns without EBC in place? Consider you are paying money to drive traffic, but have not taken time to make the listings as presentable for conversion as possible.

What you need first…

  • A trademark for the country and Brand you are managing on Amazon

  • Brand Registry applied - we can help.

That’s the easy part!

What you need after…

  • A designer - We can work with your designer, or offer design services directly.

  • High resolution images, logos and graphics

  • Plenty of time - there is no way to automate application in bulk. Its manual, one listing at a time.

  • Plenty of industry knowledge - all the hidden requirements Amazon don’t tell you.

  • Product copy

“Applying EBC takes time. It’s manual and laborious and has hidden pitfalls.”

We’ve been doing this for years, and we still learn new information. There are restrictions on design layout and content, on positioning and messaging and on speed and scope of delivery. Sometimes we find ourselves correcting Amazon over their own EBC policies, so it’s safe to assume the topic confuses many.

Some of our recent work