We have a lot of experience having grown retail brands ourselves, working with top brands to create and implement the right strategies and working with founders to help guide and direct them.

We do offer to a very limited and hand-picked selection of brands, the ability to have regular coaching sessions as part of an agreed programme, with deliverables and timescales.

This can really help when brands are at a critical stage in their lifecycles, looking for more hands-on involvement from experienced retail experts to help navigate them in new markets.


CLIENT TESTIMONIAL: Look Fabulous Forever

Tricia Cusden, Founder and CEO, Look Fabulous Forever.

Tricia Cusden, Founder and CEO, Look Fabulous Forever.



'Richard worked with us at a critical juncture for our business. We had been growing steadily but we needed to take a more strategic approach to ensure that we continued to be successful. Richard facilitated the process whereby we explored all elements of the business and then set realistic but demanding targets for each of them in the short, medium and long term. These saw the business grow by 1900% over the last 3 years.

One of the best decisions we made at Richard's suggestion was to seek extra investment using our SEIS (Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme). We had already taken some money via this route but we just had time to take a further £110,000 before the deadline closed. Richard encouraged us to look for 4 investors who could add their own knowledge, skills and expertise to our business in the form of a Super Advisory Board. This we actioned and the SAB has been a fantastic resource for Look Fabulous Forever and has really helped us to grow more quickly.'

Tricia Cusden, Founder and CEO, Look Fabulous Forever.