Making Multi-channel, Ecommerce and Marketing Strategies a reality

James focuses on delivering compelling strategies that empower and enable a Brand to drive impressive growth whilst  bridging the gap between technology and creativity that makes Multi-channel a reality for Brands and their Customers.

I am a strong believer that you cannot change a Customers behaviour.
You have to instead understand their complex preferences and position your Brand with the most compelling choice; consistent across your channels and marketing.

Help them make the RIGHT choice - Your Brand!

James is a multi-channel strategist and visionary, with over 18 years experience in digital; delivering e-commerce excellence and effective marketing strategies for some of the best-known brands in the UK.

James' approach to every project is centred around the Customer. Whether it is developing a new mobile solution or a new Paid Search (PPC) strategy, it all comes down to their expectations and the way that they are comfortable engaging with a Brand.

Apart from the work stuff, he spends too much time singing in the office and seems to be permanently attached to a Coffee Machine. Makes for interesting afternoons!