Marketplace Launch Strategy

Rich Insight Have Been Crucial In Helping Us Develop Our Marketplace Strategy
— Joseph Joseph
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We Launch Sellers
On The Right Channels.

We have spent years helping brands evaluate, prioritise and launch in new markets. We know what to look for, what to avoid and how to identify the right channel mix for your business.

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How We Work: Choosing The Right Mix For You

Every business is complex. Every business is unique.

That’s why we have created our scorecard system to perfectly assess the right marketplaces for you. Our team are highly experienced veterans who understand both the strengths and weaknesses of each marketplace as well as the nuances required to apply them to your business.

So it starts with you. Speak with one of our experts now to discuss where you are and where you want to go. By understanding you, we will identify the best channel mix to drive your business in the right direction.

Some typical areas to consider are:

Profitability drivers

Variable Costs:

  • Marketplace Commission

  • Fulfilment & Warehousing Fees

  • Returns Costs

  • Integrator Fees

  • Site Marketing Fees

Fixed Costs:

  • Translation Costs

  • Integration Costs

  • Management Costs

  • Tax & Legal

Other Factors:

  • Returns Rate

  • Average Selling price

  • Weighted Margin

assessment drivers


  • Marketplace Type

  • Brand adjacencies

  • Brand Affinity


  • Existing Business

  • Category Market Size

  • Financial Contribution

  • Growth Acceleration Tools


  • Customer Service Complexity

  • Logistics Ease

  • Returns Policy

  • Integration Options

  • Go Live Ease

We review territory specific criteria that make countries viable or not, before drilling into the marketplace specifics. This includes key elements like brand awareness, ecommerce maturity, market growth, market complexity and language (translation) requirements.

There are also varying hurdles for specific marketplaces to consider. For example, Zalando have very specific image requirements and are very curated on the brands they accept. La Redoute requires you to offer either free delivery or free returns. in New Zealand requires deliveries within a fixed timescale and maximum price to the customer.


Cross Border Support & Brexit

Speaking of territory specific criteria, we can also help you evaluate the best territories to sell on and guide your business through the challenges of Brexit on Marketplaces.

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