Commercial Strategy

From the inputs gathered via a business workshop, competitor insight, desk based research and internal analytics & reporting, we will form a view of the best approach to review:

Market & Product Positioning:
The review and placement of both territories and product ranges into prioritised fields which then helps govern the approach and order for launching a pilot programme.

Price Positioning:
Many territories contain marketplaces that suit off-price and/or full-price strategies. Through this process we review, by market, and position each relevant marketplace into a matrix to align to the business and its product range.

Commercial Viability:
Following an initial draft review of the positioning and your agreement on the proposed approach, we then are able to enter into a view on the commercial viability of a pilot programme and projections on a future rollout.


Some Example Outputs


Operational Readiness Review

We have a proven format that looks to bring together key people from across the business to review all of the key touch points and impacts that launching and managing a marketplace channel brings.

Alongside establishing the commercial objectives and aspirations of the business for this channel, we need a deeper understanding of your setup to enable us to best advise on a relevant strategy for you. These essentially break-down into 3 simple areas:

The People section looks at the current and potential future requirements for launching and the ongoing management of global marketplaces.

Systems looks at the inter-dependent systems that exist within the business and how these may connect, scale or disrupt the launch into Global marketplaces.

Process reviews what processes exist and what may need to be created in order to allow for the ongoing management of product, service and fulfilment.