Rich gets hitched!

This time last week our MD, Richard Hurtley, was busy practicing his wedding speech and preparing to tie the knot to his beautiful wife, Lottie.

Before setting off on his honeymoon, Rich sent through some pics from his big day for us to enjoy.

However, we couldn’t help but notice our clients' product placement opportunities in some of the shots. 

We thought it would be a fun Friday post to share a couple of these and thank the brands that helped make Rich look the part on his special day. 

The final countdown...

Most grooms check their watch repeatedly whilst waiting at the aisle for their bride to arrive. Luckily, Rich had one of Bremont's finest ALT1-C Polished black watches to see him through the nerves as he counted down the minutes! 

If you liked it then you should put a ring on it...

And what better way for a groom to impress his best man and ushers than to show them your fine Bremont watch...*cough* we meant lovely wedding ring!  

Especially when you are looking incredibly sharp, sporting a bespoke tailored morning suit from A Suit That Fits, and you have bought them all bespoke tailored shirts as a special thank you for being there for you. And more importantly, not completely ruining your reputation in front of your grandma in the best man's speech! 

Well didn't he look dapper... 

So again a big thank you to A Suit That Fits and Bremont for ensuring Rich was looking his wedding best for his special bride.