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How specialist support helped Europe's largest supplier of catering equipment to increase its average conversion rate on eBay by 190%.

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Specialist channel support

The ecommerce platform Linnworks, which integrates with marketplaces, websites and couriers, was essential to Nisbets online sales strategy. When Nisbets’ previous marketplace agency stopped supporting Linnworks, Nisbets either had to take on new software or quickly find a replacement. Linnworks recommended Rich Insight to Nisbets.

Our partnership with Rich Insight is invaluable. Sharing ideas and co-creating strategies has helped take Nisbets to new heights domestically and internationally.

Ben Wilkins, Marketplace Manager, Nisbets

Proactive and reactive support

Rich Insight quickly stepped in and provided Nisbets with the short-term support to maintain sales levels. As Covid struck, Rich Insight adapted to changes in the business by offering close support when many employees were furloughed at Nisbets, while also evolving to changes in the market (rise in ecommerce) by maximising channels, increasing opportunities and offering guidance on key sales metrics.


YoY sales increase (6 month average)


YoY increase in average conversion rate on eBay


Higher than channel sales target (6 month average)

Greater conversion

Rich Insight’s strategic approach not only brought Nisbets’ products to new marketplaces and regions, but also strengthened listings and brand image on existing platforms. This led to a 37% year-on-year rise in sales and a 190% year-on-year increase in their conversion rate on eBay.

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