Seller Central OR Vendor Central?



What are the best strategic goals? Which model is best for your direction?

You don’t always need to pick.

There are many examples of a combined unified strategy leveraging both models effectively.

“A vision without a strategy remains an illusion.”

Vendor adoption has important considerations you need to be aware. It is not easy to reverse course sometimes, and the consequences can be critical. But the model is easier to maintain and scale.

Seller adoption has more ongoing work, oversight and pit falls. You can make mistakes and there is alot to learn. But you have greater control over your Amazon presence, listings and buyer engagements.

Define your direction:

  • What are your business objectives?

  • Do you have long term and short term plans that presently conflict?

  • What is the long term plan for the product and e-commerce endeavour?

  • What is your short and long term strategy with Amazon?

  • What infrastructure do you have and what do you need?


Wholesale model

Sell in bulk to Amazon for cash injections and guaranteed sales.

Boost key product listing search ranks.

Simple and easy to operate.

No customer service, returns or final mile logistics concerns.

Build Brand awareness.



Control product listing quality, range and price.

Connect directly to your buyers.

Leverage more marketing tools.

Smaller commissions.

Gain insights to support growth and direction.