Amazon Sales Plateau - What now?

Amazon sellers reach a point in their journey - sales flatline, or slightly decline. This leads to doubt.

“Are my product still listed? Have my prices changed? What has changed?”

  • Competitors change

    • They are spending more on marketing

    • They began targeting your Brand or key terms

    • They have introduced a new competitive product

    • They are lowering prices

  • Amazon changes

    • They changed the category indexing

    • They made changes to product reviews

  • Buyer habits change

    • Has the product become less appealing?

    • Has the niche become more competitive?

    • Have your products lost relevance?

Many of these events will affect you. None of them are events you directly control, nor can easily ‘see’ in your day to day operations.

Our job is to keep you be aware of them. Our job is to counter them.

Focus on what you do control

Data is were we start. Using methologies we have cultivated for years, analytics surface a lot of value.

However data is just one tool. Amazon has more ‘levers’ to pull when you need to make changes. Data is the oil for your sales engine and Amazon’s ‘levers’ are the parts needing greasing.

If you are not routinely putting energy into Amazons tools and levers, you lose ground over time to other sellers who are using them.

We can help with all Amazon’s levers for growth: