Sponsored Brand Ads



Ever entered a search on Amazon and seen a banner appear at the top of search results?

That’s a Sponsored Brand
Ad (SBA)

One of the more powerful marketing tools available to an Amazon seller, SBAs are oddly under-utilised.

It's worth highlighting that for some verticals there are one or two generic keywords that will drive 80% of volume (e.g. batteries). A lot of power is locked in to some keywords.

“The value of an SBA is to claim the real estate on these keywords.”

What are they good for?

There are many strategies where you deploy these:

  • New product launches.

  • Brand reinforcement.

  • Competitor market share acquisition.

  • A/B Testing.

Am I eligible?

If you are a Brand and have gone through the Brand registry process, yes you are! We will guide you through Brand registry and explain what you need if you are not ready.

Why should I do Sponsored Brands?

Many Brands are using these effectively. You are falling behind daily if you aren’t using SBA’s.

  • Your competitors might be bidding on your Brand to display their products. You need to defend your name on Amazon.

  • Your competitors might be bidding on your specific product values to display their alternatives. Again, you need to defend your products.

If you are not owning and controlling this space, others will be.

Its about taking the offensive too. You can target competitor products and Brand, funnelling buyers primed and interested to buy similar products. You can attract new buyers and gain more market penetration.

SBA shouldn't be thought of alone. SBA should compliment your other activities in Sponsored Products and other ongoing marketing. Deploy SBA’s as part of a wider marketing plan.

Can I afford this with a limited marketing budget?

Yes, but only if you adopt a clear strategy. These can require significant investment depending on the verticals and competiton.

A) Done strategically, with specific targets and goals, they can be affective.

B) Producing more product visibility, more traffic and more sales, they can have a positive ROI.

“SBAs are an investment on your presence on Amazon.

Imagine them as real estate. Don’t allow the wrong buyer to move in next door.”