Amazon Sponsored Products



There is no Amazon tool more important today.

For Brands seeking to leverage traffic, growth and conversion, Sponsored Products are a ‘must’.

If you adopt just one marketing tool on Amazon make it Sponsored Products.


Don’t take our word for it…

Amazon’s public data speaks for itself on how fast Sponsored Products adoption has grown over the past few years. Amazon is putting a heavy focus on advertising, and Sponsored Products make up over 80%.

Once a small tool with limited engagement, a growing majority of companies now funnel a significant budget into this critical lever for Amazon sales growth and Brand building awareness.

Amazon is focusing on this area for good reason - it works. Sellers are seeking value and Amazon has plans to augment this tool with new features and controls.

The SERPS playing field is changing fast. Just 3 years ago, this topic was in its infancy. In 3 years, it will have only grown stronger and more necessary.

What are Sponsored Products?

Many of you may know without knowing. Do you know what Google Shopping ads are? Have you read an article next to an advertisement for a product or service?

Basically, Amazon has a version of those on the platform, which appear above (or to the side of) organic product search results.

How do they Work?

You bid on keywords which Amazon shoppers are using to search for products. Depending on a number of variables, your product will display in prominent positions around the site including search results pages and the product pages for competitive products.

You control the amount you are willing to spend, the values and the products displayed.

Why do they matter?

You may not like to hear this, but they matter because everyone else is leveraging them. This means your competitors are being found over you, despite your product reviews and superior product quality. Think of them as artifical sales rank boosts, pushing your listing up in the search results.

It may not be fashionable to say it, but it’s true; they matter because companies are using them. If you aren’t, you’re getting left behind. Some companies are spending upwards of 6 figures monthly on them.

I have a limited budget. Do I even have a chance?

Absolutely yes! While a deep budget is never a bad thing, the key ingredient is strategy. You can spend a fortune on many things in marketing and see no results, and Sponsored Products is no exception.

A targeted strategy with clear goals does not require a large budget to see a positive return on the investment.

It's still cost effective in many cases now to get involved and start optimising. The longer you leave it the more uphill and expensive it becomes as other players adopt and grow their campaigns.

What do you mean specifically on ‘strategy’?

It’s about you. Are you launching a new Brand on Amazon? Are you trying to promote a new product in an existing Brand? Are you trying to build Brand awareness? Are you trying to simply sell more and make more? Are you trying to liquidate lines to free up warehouse space?

All of these are valid strategies, but they have different requirements and dependencies. Often you’ll want a few of them overlapping. Based on your business model, margins and long term objectives, the plan to execute these strategies will never be the same for any two companies, even if they are sometimes similar. We help you find the right strategies first, then we implement them for you.

Where should Sponsored products fit in my strategy?

We are not over stating this; everyone should be using sponsored products. No exceptions.

Their priority is measured by your holistic strategy. Sponsored Products should be part of a wider marketing plan across other channels. They should fit into this wider strategy, not be operated in a silo. Its too common for us to witness different teams and agencies running siloed marketing plans for a single seller, often not leveraging the learnings from channel to channel and providing consistency in trends and bid optimisations.

Sponsored products are one of many marketing ingredients. As with all recipes, you need the ingredients to compliment eachother.

How can we help?

Easy - we help in two ways:

  • We help you find the right strategies which fit your budget and goals.

  • We launch and manage these activities for you, feeding back ideas on weekly calls, monthly reports and more.