Get sporty - How to boost sportswear sales this spring & summer

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Unsurprising study results alert: more people do sports in spring and summer than autumn and winter. According to research by the US National Institutes of Health, physical activity peaks in spring with warming weather and a winter drop-off making it the most favourable season for sports uptake and, therefore, sports retailers too. 

To make the most of favourable conditions, here’s how sportswear and outdoor equipment  sellers can boost their marketplace sales.


Top sporting marketplaces to consider

From trainers and tents to wristbands and rackets, not all sports and outdoor equipment are equal when it comes to e-commerce. For example, running shoes are more likely to be purchased in physical stores (where customers can try them on) than one-size-fits-all tennis balls. 

However, the emergence of virtual try-on technology and the ease of delivery and returns has propelled online sales of sports and outdoor gear since the pandemic leading to $77.6 billion of sales in 2023. 

According to Statista, Nike is the largest online sports store in terms of ecommerce revenue followed by a host of online marketplaces, such as JD.com, Amazon, Walmart and Target. In fact, over a quarter (27.3 %) of online sports equipment is now sold on online marketplaces.

While general marketplaces like eBay and Bol.com sell a high proportion of sporting goods, European sportswear retailers should also consider these three sporting specific marketplaces. 


With 40.5 million visits per month, Decathlon is the largest sports marketplace in Europe and 10th most visited marketplace across all categories (and boasts 1,500 worldwide stores). Decathlon spans over 70 sports and outdoor pursuits and sells products from over 1000 sports brands. Its marketplace is invite-only (requires an application) and takes an average 16% commission for sports equipment, clothing and accessories (as well as a £40 per month charge to sell on its platform). 


From tennis and handball to running and football, French-based Colizey describes itself as a ‘specialist sports boutique’ covering over 27 sporting disciplines with a particular niche for team sports and technical equipment. Established in 2019, the Colizey marketplace now sells over 500 brands and 150,000 products to consumers in France, Belgium and Switzerland. Colizey takes a 15% commission, charges a 35 EUR monthly fee, and requires sellers to list items in French. 


Alltricks made its name in cycling and biking, quickly becoming the platform of choice for two-wheel enthusiasts, before branching out into running, swimming, training and general outdoor equipment. One of the largest sports marketplaces in continental Europe with 5 million monthly visits, Alltricks marketplace sells more than 600 brands and 160,000 products, offering 24-hour delivery to France, Spain, Italy, Belgium and Germany. Its commission ranges from 10% to 18% with a flat 39 EUR monthly fee. 


Boost sales with marketplace diversification

Wondering which of Amazon, eBay, Decathlon or Colizey might be best for your sports equipment? How about all four. 

To boost your marketplace sales, it’s important not to put all your eggs in one basket. Take Mountain Warehouse for example. The UK’s largest specialist outdoor retailer sold its wares predominantly on Amazon with minimal sales on other sites. Working with Rich Insight, Mountain Warehouse launched (and re-launched) on new and existing channels, such as eBay and Catch.au, leading to greater brand awareness and exposure. In just six months, new marketplaces made up 10% of its channel sales and the company benefitted from a 27% year-on-year increase in non-UK sales. 

As the days get longer and the temperatures rise, it’s not just time to dust off your trainers - it’s time to diversify your marketplace approach and take advantage of seasonal sports interest. For more information, get in touch with Rich Insight.


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Get sporty - How to boost sportswear sales this spring & summer

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