Cdiscount’s Answers to FBA & Prime

Written by The RI Team | Read Time: 3 mins

If you don’t know Cdiscount already – it’s the second biggest marketplace in France (Amazon holds the top spot) with over 9 million active customers and 3.89 billion euros GMV in 2019. 

Despite its size, we’ve noticed a lack of knowledge about Cdiscount outside of France so  we’re going to take a brief look at its customer subscription programme and fulfilment services to get you started.



Cdiscount à Volonté (CDAV) is Cdiscount’s loyalty programme – similar to Amazon Prime. Subscription costs 29€/year and amongst other services, members benefit from unlimited, free, express delivery and pick up points. The programme now has over 2 million subscribers.

For sellers on Cdiscount who can meet the eligibility criteria, the programme offers a number of benefits. One in three orders on Cdiscount is made by a subscriber. If you’re eligible, that could provide a huge uplift in sales. Cdiscount also claims that subscribers have a 4 to 5 times higher purchase frequency. If you’re selling on Cdiscount you do not want to miss out on this segment.

The CDAV filter is the most used filter on the marketplace, so if you’re not participating in the scheme you’re missing out on a huge proportion of customers who never even get to see your listing. Even more importantly, the algorithm favours CDAV listings, so even those who don’t choose to use the filter will be less likely to see your listings.

If you’re not seeing the sales you would hope for on Cdiscount, could this be why? You wouldn’t recommend selling on Amazon without Prime, so why not let that train of thought extend to other marketplaces?



There are two different routes to becoming CDAV eligibility – either by using Cdiscount’s fulfilment services or by becoming an express seller. Let’s cover the basics of both.

Fulfilment by Cdiscount:

  • Seller ships stock to Cdiscount fulfilment centre and Cdiscount handles all logistics
  • Cdiscount help optimise your first set of listings
  • Cdiscount handle any delivery/returns related customer service issues
  • Ships outside France

Express Seller:

  • Must offer 100% tracking capabilities
  • Delivery & performance ratings >96%
  • 1 working day delivery for France (2 working days for Europe)
  • Zero fees for customers
  • Set products to free express delivery to be eligible

The benefits of each route are subjective to every business and are of course largely influenced by your logistical setup (if any) for other marketplaces across Europe.

Fulfilment by Cdiscount also offers multi channel fulfilment, which could be of interest if you don’t already have a setup in Europe.



Fulfilment by Cdiscount ships from France to Germany, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, UK and many more. Cdiscount claims that using their fulfilment service leads to an average 35% increase in sales volume on Cdiscount. The service ships to pick up points as well as home addresses and can increase customer satisfaction rates on the site. 

External or multi channel fulfilment by Cdiscount allows you to make use of their logistics network to fulfil orders from other marketplaces. This is available in more than 20 European countries, but only ‘small’ products (<30kg or longest axis <2m) are eligible for delivery outside of France. The service offers competitive rates and covers all customer service surrounding logistical matters. 

Could this be an alternative to FBA for your business?

More questions about selling on Cdiscount or the opportunity to make use of Fulfilment by Cdiscount? We’re a Cdiscount partner and we’d be happy to have a no obligations chat – get in touch with sales@richinsight.co.uk. 

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